What to do if you are that parent

What to do if you are that parent

I came across an article titled “Handling unruly hockey parents” which shared details of two separate incidents of a hockey parent’s actions resulting in calling the police to control the situation. While this article was Canadian and hockey is a national pasttime there, most of us have seen at least one video, or witnessed in person, a parent becoming unruly in the stands or on the sidelines at American sporting events.

The solution for the hockey parents was simply to read and sign a mandate “that reiterates good manners are expected from parents in the stands.” Moving forward, the league’s plan is to require parents to participate in an online program to ensure they understand the league rules before signing their children up to play.

A more recent video created by the Washington Post provides three tips on what to do if you are that parent.

Tip 1: Watch another child other than your own.

Tip 2: Learn when to discuss the game.

Tip 3: Ask how the team did, not just your child.

Watch the video below.

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