How to be a great sports parent

How to be a great sports parent

The number of articles swirling on the internet on how to be a great sports parent is ever growing. Most web sites are ultimately trying to sell you an ebook or encourage you to buy a product but the end message seems clear: other people know the way for you to be a great sports parent. Below are three different examples of how to make it happen.

Changing The Game Project offers 8 examples:
Model Positive Behaviors
See the future, but enjoy the present
Encourage risk taking and find joy in the effort
Celebrate the competitor above the winner
Foster independence by allowing your athlete to take ownership
Treat the coach as an ally, not an adversary
Encourage academics
Just love watching your kids play

Psychology Today provides coaches 5 examples to create great sports parents:
See it From Their Point of View
Help Parents Set Realistic Goals
Show Them How to be Great Sports Parents (be specific with expectations)
Get Parents Involved (with busy work, not coaching)
Communicate (proactively give feedback)

The Post Game gives examples on what to do (and what not to do) as a sports parent:
Cheer everybody on the team, not just your child
Model appropriate behavior
Know what is suitable to discuss with the coach
Know your role
Be a good listener and a great encourager

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