Walk it off or suck it up

Walk it off or suck it up

Ian Warner, CEO of FIXT – an app that connects injured athletes to the best therapists in their community – recently contributed an article to Huff Post Canada with his thoughts on parenting kids in sports.

Some of the takeaways from that article are valuable. He suggests that parents ask themselves:

“Do you preach to your kids to be humble, but brag about them every chance that you get?”

“When they do well, does it make you happier than it makes them?”

“Do you get more upset than they do when losing?”

In addition, he pivots to the health of children, specifically children in sports, and questions why parents would spends thousands to play a sport but not spend the equivalent of a co-pay for a child to get an injury treatment.

The idea that children do not get hurt in sports, that “walking it off” or “playing through it” is more impressive than getting checked by a doctor is plain silly. But more than likely, being “tough” is far more prevalent than sitting out a week, or season, to fix an injury.

Warner’s article states “Sucking it up is not a winning strategy” and offers additional examples of ways to improve sports for your child. See those examples by reading his post.

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