Whipping sports performance anxiety

Whipping sports performance anxiety

Coaches and parents alike are able to recognize the times when pre-game jitters lingers into the game. This article discusses how to understand sports performance anxiety, identify symptoms and reasons it might occur and to aid in coping with the anxiety.

Some takeaways include suggestions from sports medicine expert, Dr. Elizabeth Quinn, who offers these suggestions to help youth athletes control and conquer sports performance anxiety:


  • Recognize that pre-event anxiety is normal
  • Prepare mentally and physically for the event
  • Visualize your entire performance

During the event:

  • Focus on the task at hand, rather than the outcome
  • Force a smile if you are struggling with negative thoughts. This simple action will change your attitude in a split second
  • Race/play like you don’t care about the outcome. Enjoy the event!

Post event:

  • Review the event and recall the things you did well
  • Acknowledge, review, and then dismiss the actions that hindered your performance
  • Design a training program that mimics event-like conditions

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