How to review camps

How to review camps

Once you have arrived at the camp page that you want to review you will see a tabbed section that includes Overview, Ratings, Ratings Results, Reviews and Map & Location.

Select the Ratings tab and select the number of stars for each question (the more the better for the camp). Once done, hit the Submit Rating button at the bottom.

The Reviews tab is where you can enter a review of the camp, similar to reviewing a restaurant on Yelp! This is a good place to enter information that may not have been addressed in the Ratings area. For example, if your child had trouble with another camper and didn’t know how to get it resolved (or worse, went to someone and they did nothing) you could provide that information so other parents would know that could happen to their child. Or, if your child has dietary restrictions and the camp found a way to provide the right food, this would be the area to praise the camp for going above and beyond with accommodations. Anything that could help other parents who are deciding where to send their child to camp (that isn’t in the ratings) can be completed in the Reviews area. There is a Verification section to help eliminate SPAM but once you have done that, hit Submit. We will review what people write before we post it and we won’t include your name unless you provide it and want us to use it.

We have a limited number of camps so far but are excited to add more. If you select the Help us grow! link on the right side of the page you can enter the information for camps we haven’t heard of and we will add it to our list (we do need a review for camps that we add this way).

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