After-loss car ride

After-loss car ride

An article on USA Today High School Sports gives some common examples of the dreaded car ride home after a loss. In addition, the article provides some tips for talking with your child on the next car ride home.

  • Take a relaxed tone. Watching your student-athlete lose a game might make you tense and anxious. However, before you get in the car, breathe it out. They will be just as – or more – tense than you.
  • Be empathetic. One way to ensure an empathetic response is to share a story where you were you lost and were disappointed yourself. By showing vulnerability, you demonstrate you know how they are feeling.
  • Save venting for later. You may have a serious complaint with the refereeing, the teammates, coaching or even the brightness of the sun, but as a parent, you need to shelve your issues. This moment is about your student-athlete and helping them bounce back from disappointment.
  • Listen more, talk less. Retreating in silence won’t help the situation. Encourage them to talk and make sure you listen attentively.
  • Stick to honesty. If your student-athlete had a poor performance, avoid lying and telling them they did a great job. Your student-athlete already knows their performance was sub-par, and your comment will probably be met with a sarcastic retort.

The entire article can be found here.

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