Just Sports Camps was created in 2004…

to provide camp directors with an affordable online presence, providing internet savvy campers a natural way to register for summer camp. Now, years later, just reading internet savvy sounds, well, not-so-savvy.

Over time, our mantra has been to keep it simple – give the camp directors what they need and provide campers opportunities they otherwise may not have if they had to pay by cash or check. Back then, our purpose was simple: to provide camp directors with an online presence that would increase camp attendance and ultimately replace expensive camp brochures. Everything we did was with simplicity in mind because we believed that most coaches just need the basics to run a camp; two of those basics being who’s coming and did they pay. We provided that, and we still will provide that to our loyal clients.

Today we want to expand our operation to provide you, the camper and camper’s parent, a resource to read camp reviews, evaluate camps you have attended, and to learn more about sports camps. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us.


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